Financing Receivables Gets You Back to Business

Companies of all sizes strive for a predictable cash flow. However, between regular expenses and staggered payments from customers on invoices of 30 days or more, a strain is often placed on cash flow. Fortunately, there is a simple solution with AR financing, which improves cash flow, reduces the time spent tracking down payments, and allows businesses to accrue growth capital all at once.

Financing Account Invoices

Each account held represents an amount of money that contributes to the cash flow of the company. Circumstances may require a greater cash flow than what is currently available. The total value of client accounts is sometimes required. This is one instance when financing receivables would be a sound financial solution. accounts-receivable-financing

This solution has a range of important benefits to consider, including:

  • No fixed payments
  • No arbitrary board decisions
  • No personal guarantees required
  • All types of businesses can qualify for financing
  • Credit insurance on clients at no cost to you

Better Financing Through Liberty Capital Solutions

We can offer cash for your accounts in just 24 hours. This leaves your team free to focus on the business at hand instead of on old accounts. Call Liberty Capital Solutions today to begin.

Inventory Lines of Credit

inventory-financeFor suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers alike, getting financing and lines of credit through traditional channels poses a number of challenges. Instead of trying to navigate the banking landscape, Liberty Capital Solutions offers inventory lines of credit. This financing solution is structured to finance future inventory, with options tailored for Amazon sellers and other online retailers.

Our inventory lines of credit feature:

  • Approvals up to $5 million
  • Low rates
  • Flexible lines & structures based on industry
  • Interest-only payments until sales are made
  • Long-term financing solution

Whether you supply other businesses, house raw materials for your production lines, or sell niche goods online, we can provide the financing you need to flourish and grow. Our inventory lines of credit remain open to help your business draw financing from future inventory.

Get Started Today

Contact us today to learn more about our inventory lines of credit. We will work with you to tailor financing for your specific industry, to give you the purchasing power and funding resources you need to sustainability and long-term success.